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Genpro Analytics, is a service based firm, looking forward to serve customers catering to all major verticals,
by providing them a range of Analytics services.

Consumer Goods & Services

Provides accurate database of Consumer Goods and Services industry, keeping abreast with the changes in the industry and subsequently assuring that the email lists are obtained from authentic sources.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Industry will overcome data infrastructure issues to store personal health data. Healthcare providers will be able to receive real-time data from their patients and use artificial intelligence tools to analyze information and diagnose conditions.


Retailing is the combination of activities involved in selling or renting consumer goods and services directly to ultimate consumers for their personal or household use. In addition to selling, retailing includes such diverse activities as, buying, advertising, data processing, and maintaining inventory.

High Tech

As technology continues to grow and advance, automating various business processes are essential. To offer personalized solutions and drive higher customer engagements, Hi-Tech companies must implement an integrated digital platform to obtain a complete view of their customers.

Industrial Manufacturing

Provides a broad, technical, hands-on education in the design, control, operation, evaluation, and implementation of systems and processes for service and manufacturing industries as well as government organizations


Service providers have to be ready to adapt to changing technologies as they happen. Red Hat and our telecommunications partners offer a comprehensive open telco platform to help your business bring new services to market faster.

Energy, Utilities & Mining

Energy, Utilities & Resources Group provides professional services to companies operating in the oil & gas, power & utilities, and mining & metals sectors.


Includes significant modes of transport, such as road, rail, marine, and air transport. Trucks and buses come at the top regarding advancements in technologies and investments among all the transportation segments, from suppliers and original equipment manufacturers.